Why you need to be online

By on Sep 5, 2013 in Site, Social

It’s time

It’s the twenty first century. There’s no getting away from it. While we might not be hovering around in flying cars or applying make-up with little contraptions that blast a skin-tone-matched palette onto our waiting faces, we’re nonetheless light years from our ancestors – even some of those who are still alive!

The past two decades have seen a dramatic change in the way we work, in the way we live, and in the way we think. “Knowing stuff” is no longer the key to success. Now, we have to know where to find the information. And in almost every case, the answer is the same: online.

You need to be onlineA wealth of information

Almost everything you ever wanted or needed to know can be found with a couple of mouse-clicks and a few simple key strokes.

With the rise of content marketing as the de facto marketing trend of the new millennium, the internet truly is coming into its own. Its storage capacity is virtually limitless, and that means that every thought, idea, opinion and, most of all, every fact can be stored online. Rapidly, everything we have ever known collectively is being stored in the cloud.

The natural result is that the internet is fast becoming the first port of call for people looking for any information on any topic. For many people, it already is that. It’s more and more common to hear people say, “If you’re not online, you don’t exist.”

The self-help era

We’re becoming addicted to learning. It’s been said that encyclopaedias and universities can barely keep pace with the rapid developments in knowledge in every sphere, and so more and more people are educating themselves, using the internet’s vast resources as both teacher and classroom.

The effect is potent. In the seemingly endless sea of voices struggling to make a living, all offering variations of the same product, we now truly have the opportunity to differentiate. Not only can you stand head and shoulders above the competition: you must.

How do you demonstrate how much better your offering is than Joe Soap’s next door? Simple: you educate your audience. We no longer shop based on price. We select products based on an extraordinary number of personally-relevant variables. The only way anyone will ever know if your product meets their needs – the only way they’ll ever know that your product even exists – is if you tell them. And if they’re all looking online for the information they need, you’d better be sure that your site is out there, telling the world how great your offering is.

If you don’t, you may as well not have an offering at all.

What about your business? Are you still debating whether a website is really the way to go? Are you online already, but you just can’t work out why online marketing’s not working for you? Or are you already an online marketing superstar, with a great story to share? Whatever your story, I’d love to hear it. Please leave a comment in the box below, or contact me and we’ll chat.

Vanessa Davies is the illustrious Senior Designer and business owner at aXent Associates. Online marketing, home education, blogging, optimal nutrition and personal growth are high on her list of priorities. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter or .

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