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Wordpress10 reasons to use the world’s most popular CMS

We have standardised on creating powerful, content-rich, search engine friendly websites using the popular content management software, WordPress. While we started life as hard-core coders and true-blue designers, we just love  what WordPress brings to the table in terms of both functionality and design, and we’re sure you will, too.

Here are some of the reasons why we think WordPress is a great solution to creating beautiful, professional and functional websites in a fraction of the time of traditional website development – with better results!

  1. Save time

    WordPress sites come with a lot of functionality from the get-go, meaning the time from paying your deposit to having out your web address is a lot shorter than it used to be.

  2. Save money

    With WordPress, you are empowered to manage the content yourself. Your key sales person leaves? No problem, update the site in seconds and never lose a sale. You’ve just unpacked a bumper shipment of stock? Get the word out immediately without having to pay an expensive web developer to add a few lines of text for you.

  3. Strategise your online marketing effort

    With WordPress you can schedule posts to appear on specific days well into the future, making it a simple matter to plan a long term marketing campaign and implement it in a relatively short space of time. WordPress has the added advantage of allowing simple membership management options and social media integration, making it even easier to reach your target audience and build a following online.

  4. Easy and secure

    WordPress is easy to learn and has some of the bests security features in the business.

  5. Create consistency

    WordPress provides a robust framework that is hard to “break”. Keep a consistent look and feel across all your pages when you update them, without worrying that you might do something wrong and break the entire site.

  6. Gain portability

    With nothing more than your username and password (memorised, for security), you can update your website from anywhere in the world. Business trips can happen online in real time as you track and share your progress with customers wherever you happen to find yourself.

  7. Multi-user enabled

    Allow more than one member of your team access to maintain content and spread the load.

  8. Identify audience interests

    WordPress’ built-in comment functionality allows visitors to your site to tell you what they think about what you’ve said, and to ask questions. This allows you to develop an understanding of your target audience in a very real way.

  9. Speed up your communication channels

    While a lot of the communication and strategy behind your website is best managed by a focused marketing team with a sound understanding of online marketing, you can make urgent updates as you need to, without having to wait days for them to be scheduled by the developer.

  10. Design-friendly

    WordPress allows far more flexibility in terms of layout and design than traditional content management systems do.

  11. Multimedia-friendly

    Adding photos, documents and video media is a mouse-click away with a WordPress CMS site.

  12. SEO-friendly

    Google LOVES WordPress. WordPress sites are often “found” within hours of going live. And isn’t the whole point of being online to get found?

  13. Auto-save functionality

    Posts are saved automatically as you type, making it far more difficult to lose masses of valuable data. Furthermore, each revision is saved with its own time stamp, making it a simple matter to roll back to an earlier version of your content … just in case!

  14. Scalability

    WordPress is designed to grow. Need more pages? No problem. Growing your online presence from a single page to a sprawling online application is one of WordPress’ strengths.

  15. Mobile-device ready

    WordPress allows mobile users to read your site without you having to build a separate site just for them, or learn fancy scripting techniques to make the mobile site work

Have you been wondering how to improve the look and functionality of your current, static-HTML website? Are you already using WordPress to maintain your company’s online presence? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Vanessa Davies is the illustrious Senior Designer and business owner at aXent Associates. Online marketing, home education, blogging, optimal nutrition and personal growth are high on her list of priorities. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter or Google+.

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