Why the web is the best thing to happen to print media

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Look at all that copy! Our ADD-riddled modern age would’ve stopped reading long ago.

Look at all that copy! Our ADD-riddled modern age would’ve stopped reading long ago.

Video killed the Radio Star. We all know the song. (Are you singing it in your head right now?)

They took the credit for your second symphony.
Rewritten by machine and new technology,
and now I understand the problems you can see.

When the World Wide Web was in its infancy, many failed to see the potential impact it could have on the world. It wasn’t long, however, before we realised what had happened.

We’re all connected.

The implications for the military, where it all began, academia, information sharing and the entertainment industry have been far reaching and profound. The world really is very small, and secrets have been hard to keep.

Marketing has been particularly affected. The changes to the marketing landscape are immense, as more and more people see the value of, and need for, an online presence. It’s not uncommon to hear people talk about “Googling” something – so much so that “to Google” has become a recognised verb! And how many times do we hear, “If you’re not online, you may as well not exist”?

With this radical shift towards a digital village, where everything is online and less and less is printed anymore, one would think the industry hardest hit by the new landscape is print media. However, we contend just the opposite. In fact, it is my view that the web is the best thing to happen to print media, for two very distinct reasons.

Quality Print Media

First of all, this focus on putting everything online means that print media is reserved for more important things. Printers experience a lot fewer jobs of the time-wasting variety as they are presented with more carefully prepared marketing material for production. Print clients know exactly what they want when they make the effort to contact a printing company rather than advertising more cheaply online. They want quality and expertise.

Design Excellence

However, the main benefit we see to print media is a benefit to designers, not the production team.  Designers are free to create clean, simple, beautiful artwork. All an advertisement, poster or flyer needs now is an eye-catching graphic, a company name, the value proposition and a web address. The people with the real challenge are the writers, who have to create the copy that engages the audience with as few words as possible. And again, great design that underpins the message and grabs the attention of the audience is both effective and achievable, because print becomes design-centric.

Once the reader’s attention has been grabbed by the artwork, her interest piqued by the copy, she simply needs to remember a well-chosen URL (more on that later) and the rest of the story is, as they say, history.

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