Day the first – where do I begin?

By on Jun 2, 2011 in Articles

Unemployed and flu-struck - what now?

Unemployed and flu-struck – what now?

Fortunately, the entire family (myself included) has been struck by the Dreaded Lurgy. We’ve spent most of this week under duvets in the lounge, watching inordinate amounts of television.

Decadent? Well, yes, but after two years of absolutely-nothing-but-work, it’s actually good to be able to reconnect with my nearest and dearest for a bit. Even if it is by means of shared communicable diseases!

Today, though, the kids are back at work and I have spent all day making lists of questions. I’ll share those lists tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I had a disastrous interview on Monday involving FAR too many flu meds and nothing else I can remember at all. I can tell you which full time employment I won’t be getting 🙁

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