Using Design to Challenge Reality | #TEDTalk

By on Nov 13, 2013 in Site

We make assumptions about media

We make assumptions about media

Kelli Anderson shatters our expectations about reality by injecting humor and surprise into everyday objects. At TEDxPhoenix she shares her disruptive and clever designs. In this surprising TED Talk, she explains:

” … we approach media with all these expectations that we do not really need. So we have assumptions like that paper should be silent, or that websites should be flat. But we also have assumptions that can be a lot scarier in a democracy. And we sleepwalk through these little thought loopholes …”

Take a look at how Kelli upended the way people see the world – just for a day.

From wedding invitations to Utopian newspapers, Kelli Anderson re-designs commonplace objects to go beyond their ordinary functions and create surprising experiences.

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