The results are in: people want to hear from YOU

By on Jul 25, 2013 in Search, Site, Social

Email Works!

Email Works!

We recently ran a poll on this site to determine how people most prefer to hear from or find potential service providers and suppliers. The options were:

The results were significant, though not unexpected – at least, not to us. Social media and an active web search showed similar results. Some people do prefer to find information that way. For many people, stumbling across a company online offers a useful introduction to something they may not have known they always needed.

However, the overwhelming majority of votes claimed to prefer to hear from suppliers and potential service providers via email newsletter.

This may come as a surprise for many of our readers.


Every person I know is allergic to spam, and claims to detest unsolicited email with the disgust usually reserved for agricultural outings to pig farms. It’s simple: spam has no fans. How, then, can we make the most of our clients’ preference for an unsolicited email?

Well, we think it’s actually pretty simple: make the email awesome.

That’s it, in a nutshell. Create great content: clear, understandable and full of added value. Make it look fantastic through the subtle use of inspired design. Then send it!

There’s always the chance that the recipient won’t be delighted to hear from you. No one can please all the people all of the time. But the numbers don’t lie and it’s clear that people want to hear from you without the hassle of having to leave their inboxes.

Establishing authority and authenticity

A significant added advantage of sending regular emails is that you develop a reputation as an authority in your area of expertise. Why else would you keep talking about your favourite subject if you didn’t know it well? You create a sense of trust in your audience, and you ensure that your name is on the forefront of their minds when they need what you do.

So the question is: what are you doing right now, today, to actively connect with your potential audience? And how can we help?

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