Successful digital marketing lies in the telling of a story

By on Sep 27, 2013 in Site, Social

Social story-telling

Social story-telling has been part of our lives forever

Digital marketing has settled itself happily into the human story as comfortably as if it has always been there. In a way, it has. Digital marketing is all about telling a story about your brand, your business and your products or services, and stories have been around since there were people to tell them. The trick is in making your story stand out from all the others out there.

Where the story goes

Marketing’s never been an easy industry to succeed in, but it used to be a lot easier. Marketing executives used to have contacts at the TV station, the radio station and the newspaper editor was known to pop round for tea. One or two top magazines were carefully selected in the relevant industry for some exceptionally worded copy, and the rest was up to the business in question.

Not so now.

The clash of the story tellers

TV has so many channels, more radio stations are available than ever, there are so many great quality magazines to choose from. And then there’s the internet. The competition for attention on the World Wide Web is overwhelming for many businesses, and there is a tendency to put out generic information in order to save money on something that seems like a stab in the dark. The truth is, however, that standing out is possible if your story captures the imagination of its audience.

To get your brand noticed you need to tell its story with passion and enthusiasm, your story should be authentic and the information reliable, and the angle you approach it from needs to be unique. The art of good storytelling has fallen by the wayside for many digital marketers who are trying to incorporate all the tools that emerge – and that’s a lot – into their campaigns, thinking that to be effective they need to prove they know how to use them all. In fact, an effective campaign is one that attracts customers and converts sales. However, that happens.

Who’s telling your story?

Big corporations have the privilege of funding that allows them to integrate their digital marketing experts into their employment structure. This means that they are part of the story, they are not a third party interpreter, they are driven to tell the unique and passionate story of the company they work for. Small businesses do not have that luxury, but there are advantages to outsourcing your story.

While your knowledge of your brand, your business and your product or service is always going to be more in-depth than that of your marketing team, their strength lies in their innovative perspective and their ability to tell a story. Stories are told through both words and pictures and, in this visual age, videos play a huge part in them too.

Carefully planning how you roll out your unique and passion-filled story is just about as important as the story itself, or your message will get jumbled in the telling. Does your story capture imaginations and inspire its audience to come back for more and, more importantly to take action and buy your product and service?

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