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By on Nov 12, 2013 in Site, Social

sharing is caringIn order to get found online, sharing content is a must. There are a number of ways in which content can be shared and as many of them as possible must be done by as many people as possible.

Share links to content from your blog on the social media sites

This should be done at regular intervals throughout the day, with not more than 4 to 6 posts per day, one at a time. In order to drive traffic back to the website, you need to share the link to your latest blog post as it goes live. This is done by aXent for all the content we create for our clients’ pages on social media, but everyone ought to have personal profiles that you can share it to as well. Once a blog post is up on your site, share other interesting links as well on the company social media profiles.

Include links to relevant articles

Whenever you send out an email to one of your clients or prospective clients, add a link to a relevant article on your blog, or content on your website. This will both add to your reputation as an industry expert, as well as drive more traffic to your website and blog. The more traffic you have the more sales your website will bring you, thus improving your return on investment.

Include latest articles

For generic emails to your database, or anyone on it, you can always include links to your latest blog articles. You can also place links to these on your Skype profile and in your email signature. If you do this, give a call to action by mentioning it and asking people for an opinion on something in the article.

Speak to people about your blog and website

It might feel like name dropping to begin with but, with practice, you will soon develop the art of bringing up your blog in conversation – without making people roll their eyes to the heavens. Any new client will be interested anyway, as it is a way of sussing you out and helping them to decide whether or not you really know what you are talking about. The more people you tell, the more traffic you will get.

Interact with other industry leaders and followers

The other way to ensure you get a good following is to not just follow, but interact with, other people in your industry. Get involved on forums, answer queries on Facebook and link your answer back to the blog wherever you can. Weighing in with industry leaders sets you at the top level of your industry in the eyes of those who need or want to know. As long as you’re interacting with experts, subtly displaying your own expertise, you’ll attract attention and, in doing so, drive even more traffic to your site.

As we have discussed many times before, the content on your site needs to be exceptional. If you enjoy reading it, so will other people coming to check you out. So once you’ve lured them there, the content will back you up and, given the right sort of calls to action, you’ll start seeing an increase in sales coming directly from online. The more input you have in terms of content for the articles on your blog, the better the results from this exercise, since they will be highly relevant and full of rich information. That, coupled with great writing and social interaction, will see your online marketing will take flight.

If you need help creating and sharing great content, give aXent a call today.

Jane Hendry is Writer-in-Chief for aXent Associates. Her passion for education has led her to home school her children, and she reads voraciously to quench her own insatiable thirst for knowledge. Follow Jane on Twitter or . Visit her blog to read about content marketing and life-long learning.

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