Social media should be just that: social … with a bit of business thrown in

By on Jun 3, 2013 in Social

Social media is heralded all over the internet as one of the most powerful weapons you can add to your marketing arsenal. It is useless, however, without a clear strategy, the correct etiquette, well-worded and branded profiles and excellent updates. It is also far less effective than it has the potential to be without complete buy in by the company and all its employees.

It wasn’t that long ago, and in fact it is often still the case, that employees on social media sites during work-time were taken to task. Many organisations even monitored what employees were posting in their free time, based on the impact it might have on the business.

Today, disallowing employees from using social media is just limiting your potential in the growing world of online marketing.

According to LinkedIn “Nearly three-quarters of all Fortune 500 companies are now active on Twitter. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, 80 percent of executives now believe their brands get more sales using social media. These companies have embraced social media in the workplace and haven’t looked back.”

Not only will having your employees on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like mean that there is plenty of well needed activity and ‘socialising’ on your business profile, but it also has the effect of creating proud brand ambassadors out of your employees.

Social media has to be just that: social. In this way it ensures that people get on a more even footing by removing unnecessary hierarchy structures, giving everyone a better sense of self and an improved view of the company in return. It also gives your customers and clients access to the business so that when they arrive in person to do business with you, they already feel part of the family.

It is no good just having the marketing agency or department on social media as this just creates boxes to put people in. there is the company and there is the social media and ne’er the twain shall meet.

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