A Social Heritage

By on Sep 24, 2013 in Social

Here in sunny South Africa it is a beautiful Spring day today: not too hot, not too cold. A mild breeze carries faint bird songs and the distant sound of cicadas in through my sitting room window. It is a wonderful day to be alive, and South Africa is a beautiful place to live. I feel very privileged.

The reason I can sit here on my sofa, waxing lyrical about the birdlife in my back garden, is because today is a Public Holiday: Heritage Day, no less. It’s a day when we celebrate the rich diversity that feeds into our cosmopolitan rainbow nation. And of course, a day when we braai (or barbeque, if you live anywhere else in the world).

The histories, cultures and traditions that make up our land are many and varied. Sometimes it seems incredible that we could all unite to form a strong and cohesive unit. But I believe that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. We each come from a culture that values a sense of community. We have a sense of who we are, where we fit, and what is expected of us. We’re invested in one another, and that is the foundation of our success – whether on a personal, professional or national level.

So, in honour of our diverse and beautiful social heritage, I’ve curated a collection of aXent articles that address why knowing who you are and where you come from is the beginning of a successful marketing strategy, and being social – interacting personally with the people you influence – is a vital part of the execution of that strategy.

Happy Braai Day, everyone!

On Heritage: what makes you unique, and why that’s GOOD.

ignite your potentialOn Community: we’re social, learning beings. We ought to behave that way.

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