SEO basics: is your title impressive enough?

By on Nov 20, 2014 in Articles, Social, Strategy

html-Title-tag-best-practices-SEOYour title sucks.

No. we’re not talking about the string of letters behind your name.

When we talk about site titles in terms of HTML and search ranking, we’re talking about the text description that appears in the top left hand corner of your screen (or on your browser tab if you use Chrome, like me ;)) when you load a specific page.

Do you see it? On this page it says, “SEO basics:  is your title impressive enough?

How long is your title?

The web is one of the (many) places where size really DOES matter.

If the site title is too short, it won’t be extremely effective in search results. While a very long title is also not effective, titles of between 140 and 170 characters tend to yield the best results. The current title (see below) is just 66 characters long.

Using unique titles on each page will further improve search rankings by casting a wider net (see what I did there?).

A good web copywriter can help to address this issue. Call me.

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