Rock social media – in just 30 minutes a day!

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Rocking social media - in just thirty minutes a day

Rocking social media – in just thirty minutes a day | Click to enlage

Our business has a very predictable cycle. Essentially we have two types of clients. On the one hand, we have clients who see the value of content marketing, and want a professional team of writers and designers to manage their online presence. We meet every month or so to brain storm, and then we run with it. This is great for our clients and for us. It’s great for us because we love research, and we love writing. We sink our teeth into the subject matter and then we make an impact. Which is great for our clients, since their fabulous work gets the polished, professional showcase it deserves.

On the other hand, we have clients who have heard that it’s “important to be online”, but they’re not really sure what they means. They know they need a website, and they’ve heard something about Facebook. But that’s about as far as it goes. We like these clients because we have the opportunity to offer them real value. What we find, however, is that many times their interactions with the web – and with technology in general – are riddled with fear. They don’t trust their tools. They don’t trust their networks. And they certainly don’t trust the strange aliens (aka us) who know how to make these things work for a living. As a result, these clients are usually the ones who want the very least possible in order to qualify themselves as “being online”. They’re reluctant to make a financial or time investment, because they personally are reluctant to invest in something they inherently don’t trust.

Ironically, it is these very clients who insist on doing their own content creation and social media management – at least, at first. Despite their fear of the unknown, they have a need to control, and that extends into areas that lie outside of their expertise. With these clients, what happens is that we hand over the project, user guide, and all, and they start updating their content themselves. Or that’s the idea. Instead, what we frequently find is that after a few weeks (about 3-6), we get a call, and the social media maintenance reverts to us.

Is this because you can only maintain online content if you’re a social media guru with more than fifteen years of online experience and an impressive writing portfolio under your belt? Actually, no. It’s because people don’t have time. If you’re busy enough to have a successful business that warrants its own website, chances are you’re too busy to maintain your content.

However, those clever chaps over at Salesforce have created a very useful infographic that shows you just how you can maintain your own social media – and rock it – in just thirty minutes each day. And as we know, being engaged in your own social media is your best chance for online success.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

If you still don’t have the time to maintain your compelling online marketing campaign (few people do!), give aXent a call today and we’ll take care of your online presence.

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