The power of email marketing

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Content marketing is the science of appealing to people through the process of education, sharing valuable information via social media websites, company-hosted blogs and email marketing. Over the last few days we’ve been discussing the how to’s (and how NOT to’s) of email marketing. While some feel that email marketing is a dying trend in the face of tougher spam laws and a global aversion to unsolicited emails, the stats tell a different story.

In email marketing, the subject line matters

In email marketing, the subject line matters

The last ten years have seen a dramatic in the way we receive and process data, with more and more of our learning being done online – especially through social media. Companies that take advantage of this opportunity and use it to inform their audience are leading the pack as far as getting their message out there. And while many of these companies believe that focusing on Facebook posts, and blog updates is sufficient, according to a study by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. In other words, as much as people tend to go online to find what they’re looking for, they only do that when what they’re looking for hasn’t already been handed to them on a silver platter.

According to Salesforce,

Quality communication with your prospects and customers can get you closer to that nirvana of people actually looking forward to your message.

Here are some facts to help you make your decision about whether or not to incorporate email marketing into your next online marketing campaign strategy.

25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats from Salesforce
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