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Both the online marketing and IT divisions of aXent associates launched themselves in part through partnering with Sapient Software. We still have the privilege, all these years later, of working with the Sapient team as the need arises. “Sapient” means wise, and we have found that this is not only true of the entire team; their understanding of their own industry is underscored by a sound ethical approach to business that makes this company a pleasure to do business with.


Sapient Software Solutions

Sapient Software Solutions

In the early days of our association with Sapient Software, we were tasked with creating an identity for the Sapient team. We wanted something clean and professional, which would also stand the test of time. The brief called for an elegant, sophisticated logo which, at the same time, evoked a sense of the technological prowess behind the brand.

After a number of refinements, we created a design that combines the essential elements of the “S” in the title, as well as evoking a sense of both partnership and support. Our client was very pleased with the design, and we subsequently rolled it out into business cards, letterheads and email signatures, as well.

Online Presence

sapientOnce the identity had been established, it was time to create an online presence. Using the robust WordPress framework and our in-house HTML and CSS skills, we crafted a website design that supported the company’s corporate identity. Meetings were held both on Skype and in person to establish the requirements of the content, and on the basis of these we wrote web copy for the website.

The finished product is a user-friendly, attractive site that succinctly portrays the company’s services and business practices to existing and potential clients.

Visit them online at www.sapientsoft.co.za.

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