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Art Incentive: Print-on-Canvas Professionals

Art Incentive: Print-on-Canvas Professionals

In 2006 my husband and I bought a business that specialises in printing artwork onto canvas. The system uses the giclée technique to transfer photography and fine art onto prepared canvas. The finished artwork is then sealed and stretched, ready to hang. This gives the product durability and quality.

The company came with a name, Art Incentive, a small client base, a logo and a website. Before long, though, I simply couldn’t resist the urge to mark this territory as my own. Over the years we’ve had a number of logo and website variations, but finally, in 2008, we settled on an identity and a direction.

This was achieved by working closely with Caroline Hastings-Brown, at that time a freelance writer and marketing strategist, and later my business partner. She helped us to refine and focus our ideas into a clean, attractive package.

The biggest challenge on this website was the print cost calculator. Creating a script that took into account all the factors involved in accurately pricing a canvas print took a lot of time and rather a lot of maths. But it works very effectively and is a valuable tool.

By the time we started Art Incentive, I had seven years of website design experience, and this was the beginning of my practical marketing strategy training. Simple, elegant changes have had a significant impact on the success of our business since 2008, and the business continues to thrive, nearly four years later.

We’ve since incorporated Art Incentive under the aXent associates umbrella. Find out more here.

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