How Pinterest turned a business around

By on Oct 4, 2013 in Case Studies, Social

Despite the meteoric growth we’ve seen in online marketing and retail in recent years, doing business on the World Wide Web is still in its infancy. As Social Media Marketers working in a part of the world characterised by its reticent to ride the online marketing wave, using concrete results to show value is a great way to prove the power of online marketing. We’ve had some fantastic success stories with a number of our clients, and you’ll love reading through the real experiences that have changed businesses for the better, increased their client base and converted more and more, and more sales.

Home industry is actually alive and well

Though once a thriving industry due to the strength of home economics and the craft-centred skill in abundance in homes around the country – the world, in fact – the art of making your own clothes, curtains, cushion covers and anything else a seamstress could turn her hand to, home industry seems now to be a dying trend.

Having said that, there is still an enormous market for all things homemade, and being the shop that caters to the needs of those skilled crafts-people has its benefits… if they know where to find you.

Do you know who’s visiting your website?

Websites are notorious for hanging around in the ether, all on their own, hiding from all and sundry, until someone actually says: ‘Hey look! Here’s a great place to visit. Everybody come and have a look!’ And on the Internet, the way to do that is through social media.

Here is what the client’s website statistics looked like before we began a targeted social media campaign on Pinterest:

Pre-Pinterest website traffic statistics

Pre-Pinterest website traffic statistics

Here is what happened just three days after the Pinterest campaign began. It’s a remarkable increase in traffic. And driving traffic to the website is the first step in ensuring the online marketing does its job.


Post-Pinterest website traffic statistics

Website traffic stats after just one week on Pinterest

The other thing that the statistics tell us is the fact that the traffic is valuable: 72% of it is local. That means that from no one knowing that the site is there, this month there are 3000 potential new customers.

The social media vision

As a result of the recent upsurge in traffic, this client has now seen the value of their website, whereas before they’d unconvinced. They’ve even asked for a bit of a design overhaul to make it more attractive. This presents us with the opportunity to complete the other end of the cycle: converting traffic to sales. We are now able to create some fantastic calls to action that will convert those potentials into paying customers.

This case study has been a valuable tool for us to capture the imagination of business owners who are still a little bit wary of getting involved in Social Media marketing. After all, it is no longer an added option: it is the way of today, and of the future.

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