Overcoming email addiction and other awesome infographics | #infographic

By on Nov 26, 2013 in Social

If we haven’t mentioned it before (and I doubt that we haven’t), we LOVE Brainpickings.org. Seriously. If you ever have time to kill a brain to feed and a perspective to widen, visit this site and enjoy. Beautifully written curations of literature and art on virtually every subject known to man, Brainpickings offers something for everyone – even content marketers! We absolutely loved this article about infographics and how to read them, and thought we’d share one here. It’s a handy flowchart for email addicts, to help them determine whether or not it’s time to check their email. Again.

overcoming email addiction

overcoming email addiction

Head over to Brainpickings.org to read the full article, and let us know your thoughts on email addiction, infographics and brainpickings in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your colleagues. Who knows? You might develop a new culture of efficiency and reduced CECD (Compulsive Email-Checking Disorder).

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