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The key to success is to understand that people know best how THEY work best

aXent creates custom graphics for clients to support their marketing campaigns

Some people really buy into the potential of online marketing. Their vision is to grow their business beyond their borders, and the World Wide Web is the most obvious route for a small business to make a big impact. Those who do harness the power of the internet to grow their businesses do one thing slightly differently to those who are still not quite sure it is all it’s cracked up to be: they engage their customers regularly and authentically in a way that builds their reputation and the belief in their expertise.

A custom graphic we created for PIVOT's online marketing campaign

A custom graphic we created for PIVOT’s online marketing campaign

Share and share alike

One of our clients, PIVOT, has grasped this concept beautifully. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they know the ins and outs of all the social media platforms. What it does mean is that they are excited about sharing content.

Since sharing content is the foundation of an online marketing campaign, the team at PIVOT is starting to see a significant increase in the traffic to their site. PIVOT’s great enthusiasm for their campaign lends itself to online marketing, which really needs the integration of both strategy and connections.

Joining the dots

These connections are the whole point of social networking, and companies that get on-board with their campaigns make the connections with their customers much more authentic. Customers can tell if they are being spammed with lots of automatically generated updates, and they don’t feel special. In return, they won’t find your updates worthy of their limited time. However, even if you do automate some of your updates, the personal touch will make the sale.

Spend the time

PIVOT started their first strategised campaign at the beginning of September, and while social media marketing is well known for the time it takes to generate real leads, their circle of influence has already grown dramatically. People are showing their excitement to come back to the site through a 40% returning customer rate and a continual influx of new visitors, and through the interactions on Twitter and Facebook. Organic search has also increased dramatically.

Every part of the PIVOT campaign relates to a strategised topic which is rolled out through many different types of visual, verbal and video content. This means that they are appealing to all the preferences of their customers while putting out valuable and relevant content.

Visit the website we created for PIVOT, or take a look at their social media campaigns for yourself on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest (here’s why we LOVE Pinterest).

If you want your content marketing and social media management carefully planned and executed to achieve the results that PIVOT is getting, give us a call today.

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