O.N.E: Optimal Nutrition eZine

By on Jul 16, 2011 in Case Studies

ONE: The optimal Nutrition eZine

ONE: The optimal Nutrition eZine

The Optimal Nutrition eZine is a project-in-the-pipeline, based on the challenges our family faces with its host of food allergies and intolerances. Our journey into discovering what makes us sick has led to fascinating discoveries and a growing understanding of the effect food has on the human body.

Ultimately, our goal is to publish a regular eZine focused on empowering people to make the smartest choices for their bodies and their families, and covering everything from which foods to eat and which to avoid, right the way through to the effects of supplemental nutrition on different health complaints and requirements.

So far, we have created a company identity, comprising a name, tagline, logo and business cards. The rest is yet to come, as they say.

Vanessa Davies is the illustrious Senior Designer and business owner at aXent Associates. Online marketing, home education, blogging, optimal nutrition and personal growth are high on her list of priorities. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter or Google+.

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