NWP High Performance Centre

By on Jul 17, 2013 in Case Studies

We’re always struck by how great our clients are:  intelligent, innovative, diverse and fascinating. Working with SME’s is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream for us. Website design for new clients gives us an opportunity to be part of something new and important. We partner with a nifty little IT company in Jozi called PCB Technologies, creating and maintaining online spaces for their clients. What makes PCB a pleasure to work with is how both they and their clients actively contribute to their community. They’re really focused on giving back, and that resonates with us. Our latest collaboration with PCB has yielded a project with depth and intrigue. NWP High Performance Centre describe themselves thus:

  • We are a leadership and skills development firm that uses the latest behavioural-science research to create high-performance solutions for people and organisations.
  • We specialise in organisational psychology – with a particular focus on equipping leaders with a specific set of competencies required to bridge potential cultural friction in today’s global & diverse workplace.
NWP High Performance Centre

The NWP High Performance Centre home page

Their CEO, Gary, reminds me of an intensely driven human wikipedia on humans: how we work and how we can be better. Since self-actualisation is such a fundamental core value at aXent, this project was a particular pleasure to work on. We certainly learnt a lot – far more than the concise content on the pages of this site would lead one to believe. Now that the project is live, we’re chuffed with a job well done. What are your thoughts on how our psychological make up affects our business processes and ultimate success?

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