Market research – the power of market intelligence

By on Oct 11, 2013 in Search

Market research is an excellent tool for saying NO.

Before you begin any marketing campaign, either on- or offline, you have to do market research. Offline, that may mean surveys and questionnaires, and many hours of standing outside in the weather, collecting data. Online market research is much less exposed to the elements (unless you prefer to do it while sitting on the beach, or atop your favourite mountain). That doesn’t mean that online market research is particularly simple or quick to do – data capture is never a quick exercise. Regardless, it is essential.

Keywords are, well, key

Every campaign should begin with a solid understanding of the search terms, or keywords, that will be used for the campaign, as well as the patters they exhibit. So, you need to know how common a search term is, what information a certain keyword brings up, how much competition there is for any given keyword, and which ones describe your product or service the best.

Keyword research is not given enough importance in many areas, and clients are often reluctant to pay for the time it takes to carry it out thoroughly. However, without your relevant keywords your campaign will struggle from the very beginning.

Ask the audience

Keyword research is all about finding out which search terms people are using to look for your product or service, but it’s not the only area you can exploit for information. As you begin to connect with people online you will find many influencers and experts from whom you can garner information, ask questions directly or enter into conversations with. These influencers and experts are a fantastic resource for knowledge about your industry.

Also, don’t forget to follow your market leaders on the social channels so that you can easily stay abreast of changes in the market and to continually learn from them as you grow your own business.

Tie it all together

Using the right search terms to lead people to your customers, and curating crowd-sourced content, combine to provide a powerful tool to ensure you are targeting the right customers and attracting them to your products or services. Using the knowledge of market leaders ensures you are providing valuable content and enables you to build your own standing as an influencer in your industry.

Do you put in the research to ensure your products and services have a market and that you are speaking to the people who are going to buy from you? We do. Contact us to find out how to make the numbers behind your marketing work for YOU.

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