List Power

By on Mar 24, 2014 in Site, Social

I’ve mentioned before how much I love lists. And I really do. I love anything that breaks data and processes into simple, manageable chunks. Which is why I believe that there’s little better when it comes to creating clear, concise content, than a list. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

The top five reasons to use a list in your blog post

  1. Lists break data into manageable chunks

    We’ve all seen those long, rambling articles that look like they really should interest us, but just don’t grab our attention. It’s not because the article is poorly written, or because the topic doesn’t interest us. It’s just that there’s so much to read. We’re busy. We have deadlines. We can’t concentrate all the way to the end. Clearly headed bullet points that guide our eyes through the content make it so much simpler to navigate.

  2. Lists summarise the content you’re sharing

    If your bullet points are effectively worded, they’l provide your readers with an overview of what you’re trying to convey, before they’ve started sinking their teeth in. You’re doing them a courtesy, allowing them to leave before they spend too much time reading something that isn’t relevant to them. While we always aim to keep people on your page, wouldn’t you rather have visitors who want to be there, and are thus more likely to convert, than someone who will get to the end of your article frustrated to find that it wasn’t what they wanted, after all. Clearly headed lists qualify your prospects.

  3. Lists make your writing easy to navigate

    Perhaps the relevant nugget of information your reader so desperately needs is hidden halfway through the fourth paragraph. If said paragraph should happen to have a nice, obvious title drawing attention to its relevance, your reader is far more likely to be engaged – and stick around to read the rest. At the very least, they’ll have found what they ere looking for and be that much more likely to pick up the phone. Clearly headed lists engage more readers, faster.

  4. Lists group and sort thoughts – yours, and your readers’

    A well-constructed list groups similar ideas together. Articles like this are a pleasure to read. You know what to expect, and the writer’s perspective is easy to glean. Your thought processes are easy to understand, and it becomes clear how you’ve reached the conclusions you’ve reached. This also allows your reader the opportunity to evaluate the concepts and decide whether to agree, or not. Whether your readers share your perspectives or not, they will respect your allowing them the opportunity to construct their own conclusions. Lists foster logic.

  5. lists work: make content more effective

    Lists work: make content more effective

    Lists make it easy to remember the content you’re sharing

    Lists that use acrostics, alphabetic sequences, or alliteration, make it even easier to remember the content of the article you’ve written. For instance, in this article it will be easy to remember the subject, lists, and the fact that there were five points about the value of lists. I could have simplified it further by saying, • Lists simplify; • Lists summarise; • Lists show the way; • Lists sort; • Lists stick. And they do: you may not recall the bulk of what you’ve just read, but you’ll remember the meaning, and the value it imparts.

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