Knowledge is power – we knew that, but did you?

By on Nov 20, 2013 in Site, Social

There’s a well-worn and age-old adage that states that knowledge is power. And while, yes this is true, it is usually only used when referring to “useful” knowledge like how to perform CPR, your 12 times table, or the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow. We, however, believe that all knowledge is useful, even when it’s not. Take this “Did you know?” video for instance.

While it might appear to be a mismatched collection of interesting facts, it really makes you think. For one thing, the world really is changing at an alarming rate, and for another, Bermuda must really love the internet.

How then do you operate and grow your business in an ever changing world? By capitalising on the situation, of course. That means keeping up to date with the latest technologies and using them to your own advantage. Which is where we come in. We’re here to help you get your message across using the very latest in online marketing trends. Give us a call today!

Briar Harmer is aXent Associates’ multi-talented designer, writer and social media analyst. She wraps her head around the world in a unique and inspiring way, and has the ability to make far-out ideas into workable solutions, both graphically and verbally. Briar’s creativity extends into the kitchen where she’s been known to bake up a storm. You can follow Briar on .

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