How involved are you in your own marketing?

By on Jul 5, 2013 in Site, Social, Strategy

Effective marketing requires playing a number of roles, and for marketing to achieve its goals, each role needs to be clearly defined and well played. It’s a juggling act, and there’s no wiggle room to allow any of the balls to drop. Many times, outsourcing some or all of your marketing is a very effective solution to this problem. Marketing companies can support your company’s objectives by:

For instance, often a client will come to us for marketing assistance, but not require a website since a member of their team worked out how to do a basic site and has created one for the company already. It shows. And any marketing support pointing to this website will be diluted because the website neither looks nor sounds professional.

It usually pays to go to the professionals and let us get on with what we’re good at, while you get on with what you’re good at.

Having said that, marketing, and especially online marketing, is not a magic bullet. Creating an amazing online presence and a high impact Google Ads campaign, with lots of rich social media content, doesn’t guarantee a business boost. Your marketing still needs one key ingredient: you.

Our most effective marketing campaigns are collaborative masterpieces with clients who are involved in the process. They’re full of ideas, always discussing and refining their marketing strategy. They interact on their own social media platforms and provide invaluable industry knowledge towards their Google Ads campaigns. Yes, of course we can do it without you: that’s our job. But success is only guaranteed when you jump on board and bring your expertise and business passion to the table.

Call us now to combine our expertise with yours, and ensure your online marketing strategy provides you a great return on your investment.

You’ll never look back!

Great content writing, combined with a marketing strategy based on decades of online marketing success form the foundation of a potent relationship marketing plan.