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aXent was founded by Vanessa and Peter Davies.

VanessaVanessa is a writer who is actively trying to replace her blood stream with coffee. In her spare time she watches too many TED Talks, and wonders why she never thought to become a lexicographer. She makes her living telling other people’s stories online, as blog articles, social media updates and email newsletters. Find her at www.WriteSideUp.co.za.

Peter DaviesPeter is a dyed-in-the-wool geek with a passion for fixing things. He has an eerie ability to walk into a room and have all the equipment magically start working again – which delights his clients and freaks out his wife just a little bit. When he’s not inventing new ways to build switchboards using VoIP, Peter’s spare time is spent teaching himself to play guitar. Find him at www.ITSupportDurban.co.za.

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