Hashtags: a useful accessory – or just plain funny sounding?

By on Sep 28, 2013 in Social

We stumbled across this gem online this week, and O! How we laughed. We love JT at the best of times (can anyone say “We’re the Dancers“?), but this witty parody of all of us Twitter Junkies, Facebook Fanatics and, I confess, Content Marketers had us tickled. Not to mention adding an expressive new item of body language to our daily lexicon. What about you? Do you think the ability to sort content by subject using hashtags is a valuable addition to our social interactions online? Or does it just make us look a little vocabularically challenged? We’d love to hear your opinion on the subject – just leave a comment in the box below. Contact us to find out how to make hashtags – and everything else about social media marketing – work for you.  

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