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By on Sep 3, 2013 in Strategy

Yesterday we posted an interesting and amusing video which revealed the reason why X is the unknown. We were amused by the talk as much for its ingenuity as for the fact that the unknown is something that defines us – aXent. Our ethos is driven by the desire to raise you higher than you thought you could go, in business and in life, by empowering you and helping you to realise the power of life-long learning.

It’s not often that we use this forum to actually pitch to clients, but every once in a while it helps us, and you, to remind you what we do for you, and what we need you to do, to achieve the best results for your business.

Bring out your X-Factor

So, what do we do?

In order to really help you, aXent makes a point of getting to the heart of your business – finding your real value – so that we can help you sell the benefits that you have to offer. Selling is no longer about products or services, it’s about benefits. And in a world defined by abundance, where there are plenty of other people offering the same or similar products or services, identifying your X-factor is the way to succeed.

We put a lot of energy into education, ours as well as our clients’. We want to teach you what we know, and we also want to learn from you. And so, in this rapidly changing marketing forum called the World Wide Web, we are making it our business to stay on top of all the developments. This means we are perfectly placed to ensure you get the traffic and conversions you need from your content and social media marketing.

Give us a call so we can help you find your value of X, and ensure the rest of the world also knows what it is.

Jane Hendry is Writer-in-Chief for aXent Associates. Her passion for education has led her to home school her children, and she reads voraciously to quench her own insatiable thirst for knowledge. Follow Jane on Twitter or . Visit her blog to read about content marketing and life-long learning.

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