Email marketing: getting it right

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Write with authority and establish yourself as a thoought leader

Write with authority and establish yourself as a thought leader

As we review the value and power of email marketing, and how to get it wrong, it is also helpful to understand how to get it right.

The first question we need to ask is:

How often is often enough?

Well, as I’ve said, it depends on a number of factors. You need to bear in mind how busy your audience is, the nature of the news you share, the rate at which your industry changes, and what you’ve committed to in terms of publishing frequency. However, it’s hard to go wrong with a monthly newsletter. If the valuable information you share with your readers arrives with a reassuring frequency, you can be sure it will be welcomed and even eagerly anticipated.

Which leads us to question two:

What should I write about?

This is a good question, and the focus of most of what people are saying about content marketing. We have written on sourcing and sharing good content in the past, wen no doubt will do so again. Finding and sharing good content is the lifeblood of an effective content marketing strategy. It is also an area which changes on a  regular basis as the world changes, the web changes, and we change the way we work, think and learn.

That all makes it sound a little overwhelming when you’re trying to maintain contact with your clients and run a successful business at the same time. And it can become so. However, there is a simple way to ride the wave of useful content creation, regardless of the changing landscape: help others.

That may sound a little simplistic, but if you make it your guiding principle to identify the challenges faced by your readers, and offer effectivepractical solutions to those problems, you can’t go wrong. This strategy achieves three key objectives:

  1. It builds trust. When people see that you honestly have their best interests at heart, they will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say.
  2. It builds loyalty. When the solutions you provide offer real value and actually work, your readers will be more inclined to share those solutions with others, and be loyal to your brand.
  3. It establishes you as an expert in your field. Solutions that work can only be provided by people who know what they’re talking about. If your free solutions work, just imagine how much benefit your readers will get from buying the products or services you offer. And having had the chance to sample your expertise, as it were, via the value you add in your regular emails, readers will have far less hesitation in buying from your when they need what you have to offer.

Getting email marketing right is actually incredibly simple. Just be sure that you’re clear about how often you’ll send an email newsletter, your email adds value to your readers’ lives, and you never, ever send unsolicited email.

If you need an email marketing campaign that speaks to your readers’ needs with content that engages, entertains and informs, call aXent Associates today.

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