Does your website do its job?

By on Jun 28, 2013 in Site

It is becoming redundant to say that almost all businesses have some form of online presence. I can just about hear people groaning ‘well, duh’ as they read this reiterated fact, but in my line of business it is relevant. It means that, as professional online marketeers, we have a huge – and growing – task ahead of us to make our clients stand out from the competition. And every time we build a site, that’s exactly what we’re striving for.

So what is your website meant to achieve? That’s simple: it is meant to drive your sales.

What’s wrong with this scenario:

Welcome to the Pool Guy’s web presence. It’s nice to have you here. My name is Dot Com and I’ll be your tour guide. If you look here you can learn about The Guy himself, if you click here you can see his services, on this page you can find out how to get in touch. Thanks for stopping by. Cheerio.

Something’s missing. Something like a vital call to action. Something like how our Pool Guy can solve your problem and what you, the one with the problem, can do to see that he does.

While the World Wide Web offers you a potential business footfall beyond anything you’ve ever seen before, it also comes with unprecedented competition. Somehow you have to stand head and shoulders above all the other ‘pool guys’ to make sure your website does its job; which is – I’ll say it again – to make sales.

Every page of your site needs to provide useful information that is easily accessible and tells people what they want to know as quickly, succinctly and aesthetically as possible. And then call them to action. Make that sale. If your site does not do that for you then it is merely a place-marker with some pretty pictures and a few interesting words.

It’s time to start building real relationships with your online clients by telling them how you can solve their problems so that you’re the one they call, not The Other Guy. Contact us to find out how.

Great content writing, combined with a marketing strategy based on decades of online marketing success form the foundation of a potent relationship marketing plan.