My customers aren’t on social media – should I be using it?

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This morning, we’re excited to start the week with a guest post from Graham Todd, half the engine that drives WarwickTweetup. Todd is a Twitter and blogging expert with over 200 successful articles under his digital belt. Blogger, writer, tweeter and driving force of social media in Warwick, Todd was recently awarded a special recommendation at the Pride of Warwick District awards for his social media work with the businesses in Warwick.

At WarwickTweetup we love how social media drives business to our door. It pushes traffic to our website and creates a strong brand awareness. But then, we’re in the social media business, so our customers are all on there too, right?! Well, no.

We create online strategies and manage social media outputs for businesses large and small. But we’re often asked about the relevance of social media for business, and also whether the businesses’ target market are even on social media…

No, not necessarily.

So social media is a waste of time for some businesses then?

No. Do you think our customers are all on social media? Do you think businesses that need help with social media are on social media for us to market to?


So why do we put our efforts into social media if our core customers aren’t even there?

Social media is NOT about sales,and it’s NOT about targeting your potential customers.


What social media does is allow organisations of all sizes to create a strong brand awareness and put them at the front of peoples’ minds as thought-leaders in their chosen area. Many of our customers aren’t on social media, but we have created a strong brand, we’re seen as knowledgeable on our subject, and dare we say it we’re ‘thought leaders’ in our field.

People who follow us enjoy our content, people who like us believe in our skills, and people who +1 us tell others that we’re +1, 2, 3 and 4 above the opposition. Social proof is a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal and we rely on our followers to act as brand ambassadors and tell others (not on social channels) that we’re the go-to people!

Six degrees of recommendation

Social media has become the #1 activity on the webWe’ve all heard of the Six Degrees of Separation, right?! According to this theory, we’re all connected to everyone in the world via six people. I’m pretty sure it’s less on social media purely by the efficient and powerful way networking works there. This means that you actually know all your current and potential clients via six people or less – your activity online (good or bad) will get to them, whether they’re on social media or not.

We prove this regularly as most of our clients actually need to get on social media, so there’s no way they saw our tweets or posts themselves! A referral from a trusted source is far greater than one from us anyway, so we spend our time making sure the people who connect with us know we know our stuff. If you’re connected with us online, you probably see us chatting, sharing interesting articles, pictures and blogs, and helping others. It’s simple content marketing.

Social media is the number 1 activity on the web, and it’s not slowing down either. Think your customers are too old for social media? Think again. Twitter’s fastest growing area is the 55-64 year old bracket, and on Facebook and Google+ the number of 45 to 54 year olds is growing at a phenomenal rate too.

Social media is driving business in a new and exciting way. Your customers may not be on there, your potential clients may not give tuppence for Facebook, your most valuable account may never start tweeting or blogging. But their colleagues, their friends, their peers, their family are. They can love what you do… and when they tell their friends and family to check you out, the social proof does more than you could all day on social media or otherwise!

Social media: Driving your customers to your door even when they don’t live on your street!

About the author.

Graham Todd has been helping businesses benefit from social media for almost three years. He trains, blogs and manages social media for businesses.

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