Creative resonance is one of the ingredients for success

By on Aug 7, 2013 in Strategy

Do what you love

Creative resonance is such a descriptive term. In a brainstorm session yesterday, we were discussing the importance of many minds when it comes to fresh perspectives, and I was trying to articulate the energy and inspiration that fizzes around us when we work together. Our illustrious designer hit the nail on the head: The only thing that really describes it is: creative resonance.

What do we mean by creative resonance?

I think the ‘rich significance’ definition plays a large role in what creative resonance means to us, but it’s more than that; it also speaks to oscillation at a higher frequency. When we are working, it really feels like the air vibrates around us, giving us energy and inspiration. And our clients have picked up on this. They love our energy, they say.

During our Lean In campaign we are focusing a lot of that energy into the team; into making sure each member understands the importance of the role she plays in the overall success of our business. Any role seen as insignificant is really a waste of everybody’s time and money, as it can’t possibly be contributing in any way; so each team player is valued. As fast as businesses spin in the ever evolving world of commerce, sometimes it’s easy to forget how people feel in their jobs. We rush along, furiously working away and just assuming that everybody knows that they count. Often they don’t know.

Why does it matter?

Job satisfaction and company buy-in are invaluable contributors to the success of any business. If you love what you do and own your potential, you will strive harder and more determinedly for the end goal, which is more than just receiving your paycheque. Creativity is necessary in any job – there’s an artist in all of us – and if that creativity resonates around you and within you, you will succeed in anything you do.

In our company our creative resonance gets everybody fired up and inspired. We love working on the projects we have on the go, but sometimes the load gets too much and the mood dampens. When that happens we have a brainstorm session on the topic that’s getting us down – it could be five minutes or an hour’s worth – and the inspiration starts to flow again.

Create your resonance

Realising the power and energy that come from teamwork can mean the difference between a fumbling business and a thriving one – or even just between a frustrated one and a happy one. Picking the members of your team carefully is the first step towards that, but once you’re established in your roles, don’t forget to lean in and support each other. After all, you are all trying to reach the same end goal.

What it comes down to is this: realising your potential, and learning that you can love what you do to earn the money you need to do what you love, will energise and inspire you and everyone on your team.

Have you taken ownership of your potential? How well does your team’s creative resonance work to get the job done? Are you leaning in to ensure you and your colleagues or clients get the most out of your collaboration?

Jane Hendry is Writer-in-Chief for aXent Associates. Her passion for education has led her to home school her children, and she reads voraciously to quench her own insatiable thirst for knowledge. Follow Jane on Twitter or Google+. Visit her blog to read about content marketing and life-long learning.

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