Copyrighting the news?

By on Mar 6, 2012 in Social

News. Whose is it?

News. Whose is it?

News monitoring agencies such as Newsclip provide a valuable service for clients. Spending hours and hours trawling every form of media, they collate all the results that match their clients’ requirements, and provide these results to clients for a monthly or once-off fee. This fee covers the time they spend on the research, and the resources they need to purchase (magazines, books, newspapers, internet access, telephony etc).

For clients, this is a valuable way of measuring sentiment and tracking PR. In some cases it is the only way to avert a crisis; in many more cases, it is a simple opportunity to measure the effectiveness of a marketing or awareness campaign.

Now the Dramatic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO) has launched a new copyright licence, the result of which is that news monitoring agencies will have to pay for the newsclips they provide.

What do we think about this? Is news really copyright? If a photographer takes a picture of you, he owns it, and can use it in pretty much any legal way he chooses. Does the same apply to news? Surely news  is public domain? Do you own the news item, because you happen to have recorded it in some way?

Read the full article here: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/News-monitoring-agencies-to-pay-royalties-20120306

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