3 things that could fundamentally change the way you write

By on Aug 23, 2013 in Site

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There is a danger, having committed to regular blog updates, that one could join the ranks of the foolish. You know, those people who speak for the sake of doing so, without having anything of value to say. For that reason, it is so important to think carefully about what you post on your blog, and why you are communicating the specific message you’ve chosen. If you do that, a whole new world of great content will open up for you. Your great content.

1. Say what you mean, not what you think others want to hear

Writing great articles and sharing them across the vast expanse of the web is a fantastic way to build yourself a reputation as an authority in your field. That doesn’t mean you have to try to get people to actually like you – a few Facebook likes wouldn’t go astray, but I mean the real kind of like – it means you have a message to communicate, and you must do that the best way you possibly can. Ruffling a few feathers here and there can actually spark an insightful debate from which new ideas are born, which is a very good thing.

2. Be authentic

The best way to write great content is to be authentic. You don’t necessarily have to write about something you know, that’s what research is for, but you should write about something you fundamentally believe and are passionate about. Language is my first love – well my non-human one anyway – and whether I am writing it, reading it, speaking it, teaching it, learning about it or manipulating it in fun and innovative ways, I am in my happy place. Of course, I am also passionate about writing, reading, talking, teaching, learning and having fun, which gives me plenty of fodder for great blog posts.

3. Own your content

Something I have battled with in the past, and it really held me back for a while, is that I did not believe enough in myself to be able to see my writing as offering value. So I kind of hid behind the words, alluding to things but not marking them with authority; writing about things that other people were writing about. I was afraid I was missing something: why were they all so knowledgeable while I knew so little? That outlook can lead to some seriously wishy-washy posts. Not so now.

Write from the heart

It is virtually impossible, in this age of information over-share, to write about something that no one else has ever written about, but for you to make it your own and give it your voice, you have to believe what you say and feel passionate about it.There is no good reason to re-invent the wheel: feel confident enough to offer your opinion on how else, or where else that wheel could be used. If you own your content – and by that I mean take responsibility for what you write – and back it up by your passion and belief in your message, you will meet your audience with confidence and inspiration. Take ownership of your writing and really mean it when you put it ‘out there’ in the Cloud.

Wisdom does not come naturally with age; it comes with forethought, cognisance and consideration for those around us. Bearing that in mind, can you take absolute responsibility for whatever words come pouring forth, off your tongue, or from your fingertips? Do you really believe what you are writing? Or are you just writing about it because everybody else is, and you’re worried that if you don’t, you’ll miss out in the social influence stakes somehow?

Jane Hendry is Writer-in-Chief for aXent Associates. Her passion for education has led her to home school her children, and she reads voraciously to quench her own insatiable thirst for knowledge. Follow Jane on Twitter or Google+. Visit her blog to read about content marketing and life-long learning.

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