3 rules of content writing for conversion

By on Sep 19, 2013 in Site, Social

Two brothers went to a party. They were both great adventurers who had had many experiences worth sharing. Both brothers loved to talk about their experiences, but they had very different ways of doing this.

The first brother tended to go on and on about himself, backed by the misinformation that because he was interesting and had a lot to say about himself, people would listen. The other brother also regaled people with stories of his adventures, but he did so in a way that made his listeners believe they too, could head out on a great adventure.

Where his brother used ‘I’ in all of his stories, he used ‘you’. And everybody paid attention.

This is the same for your business. Even if you are the one doing the business, your customers and prospects want to know how it relates to them. They don’t care much for you … not in a selfish and mean way necessarily, it’s just human nature. And it’s the basis of content writing for conversion.

Talk about your customers, not about yourself

I am your customerThis really is an important point when it comes to publishing articles about your business in order to capture people’s attention. People who are looking for information on the internet are trying to solve their own problems, and the articles they read need to do that for them. Occasionally, case studies that prove how the solution worked for someone else are a valuable tool to close the deal. However, if they are not backed up by answers to questions that tell me how I can improve my life in whatever way I want to, they’re likely to fall flat.

Nothing else is really going to convince them to read what you have to say. And if they’re not reading what you have to say, they’re not converting from browsers into buyers.

So here are the rules:

  1. Never write ‘I’.
  2. Always write ‘you’.
  3. Occasionally ignore the previous two rules, but only if it is absolutely necessary.

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